Cultivating Creativity

VDA2640 Cultivating Creativity:

The premise of this course is that a creative mindset can be consciously cultivated. Students will immerse themselves in the artistic process, developing tools and techniques necessary to become effective creative problem solvers. Experiential classes will combine hands-on art making with the study of research-based theories. To build art making confidence, the course kicks off with the easy to learn and relaxing Zentangle method of drawing. Lab fee charged. PRE-REQUISITE(S): None

How has this class impacted your other courses?

“I can be a lot more creative in my other courses and enhance my projects creatively.” 

“This class has helped me in doing all my homework on time and by staying organized.”

“My other class performances have only improved.”

During the semester, Cultivating Creativity students make two visits to area museums.  Read VDA major Jorangeliz Bermudez-Martinez's article in the Yellow Jacket for an in-depth report.

The study of art has students acting out the roles of the people in the painting behind them.

                                                                                                                                                                               “It made more relaxed in my other classes. A real break from stress.”

"Whenever a teacher is giving a lecture I make a picture in my head of what they are talking about."

“I look at things in a more artistic point of view, even the simplest things.”

Students carved patterns in blocks, inked the blocks and then printed the patterns. They had studied the flags around the world, including the meanings connected to the colors in the flags of many African countries. They also looked at the geometric art of Kente cloth from Ghana.

“It opened my eyes more about creativity and that I do not need to think too much and just go with the flow.”

“I am more creative.”

Students in the course are assigned to take non-linguistic notes during their other classes as a way of learning to think and communicate visually. In this video, students redo common symbolic signs with an artistic flair and then post the signs.

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