Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Building Community - Springfield Conservatory of the Arts High School Students Exhibit At AIC

Be kind. Work hard. Make art. 

Springfield Conservatory of the Arts is a Springfield Public School where students make art everyday though dance, theatre, music and visual art while enriching their academic achievement. Students have access to real world experience to help them transition into higher education or the workforce through community engagement. Students participate in dual enrollment at AIC, taking college courses while attending high school. Currently, we have 2 students with work in this exhibit that also take college courses at AIC.

Opening reception: 10/12/19, 12 to 2 pm, at the Shea Memorial Library Art Gallery, 1000 State Street, Springfield, MA 01109

This exhibit has been developed and curated by the Advanced Placement Art students from Springfield Conservatory of the Arts. The title, “Happy Accidents”, was chosen to signify their struggles with embracing the challenges of taking chances.

“Mortal Zeracia” by Laiza Barreto Munoz

The Springfield Conservatory of the Arts was launched in August 2014 with federal funding from the Magnet Schools Assistance Program through the Springfield Public School district. 

Tatania Ortiz working on “Phytophilous Elephants”

“The Witches Are Getting Married” by Kaori Freytes


Walliangelie Sanchez working on “Benevolent Scarlet Genie”


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

AIC's Advanced Photography Students Document Opioid Response Networking Conference

AIC's Advanced Photography class documented the Opioid Response Networking Conference held in Springfield, MA on 9/10/19.  The Hampden County Addiction Task Force sponsored the event.

This photographic coverage of service organizations that assist families and individuals affected by addiction is part of AIC's 2019-2010 interdisciplinary investigation of the Opioid Crisis.

Photo by Dan Blouin

Photo by Kelly Shea

Photo by Danny James

Photo of District Attorney Anthony Gulluni by Margarita Velazco

Photo of Margarita in action by Dan Blouin

Photo by Margarita Velazco

DA Gulluni looks on, photo by Dan Blouin

Photo by Danny James

Dr. Lina Racicot, Director of Graduate Psychology and author,  photo by Margarita Velazco

Photo by Kelly Shea

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"Fresh" Eyes on Campus - Visual and Digital Arts Majors Photographically Explore AIC During New Student Orientation

Text and photos by freshman Owen Russo:   When I came to AIC’s New Student Orientation, I was expecting the same boring stuff before I really got into my learning and exploring my major.  As a Visual and Digital Arts major, I was pleasantly surprised when we got to meet our professors at Orientation, and were immediately able to get out and start taking photos and thinking creatively.

Photo by Owen Russo

So, when we were let free to explore and capture the campus, I caught myself wanting to try to look at something everyone sees and capture it from an alternate perspective.  This instant, hands-on learning style really set a strong expectation for what I’d be learning and only left me feeling excited to see what comes next. 

Photo by Owen Russo

Text and photos by freshman Raz Perl:  During move-in day, we had our new student orientation where we were assigned to take pictures that represent the idea of the way we, as first year students, see American International College.  We all got cameras and were told to walk around the school and be inspired.  I got a camera and started walking around campus. I tried to find a creative way to represent what I see.  I tried to take photos from different angles and different perspectives. First, I saw the 1961 carved in the wall and thought that it represents AIC well.  I went up the stairs to take a closer look and saw the AIC flag.  It was just perfect.  (Perl is a member of AIC's first ever triathlon team.)

Photo by Raz Perl

The next photo, I decided to go further from the object in order to create a more open space, where there is more to see, a bigger picture. I thought this is a good way to represent AIC because so many things happen in college, you just need to stop for a second and take a look at everything around you.

Photo by Raz Perl

The final photo I thought was a good representation of AIC is the photo of Hines Hall with the flags in front of it.  I think that the flags are a great addition to the whole idea of AIC since it represents the acceptance of everyone, no matter where they came from, which I find it powerful.

Photo by Raz Perl

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Do you like to express your ideas visually? If so, you have found the right place!

Welcome to the Visual and Digital Arts at American International College.  We invite you to scroll down for news about recent events and click on the menu tabs above to learn about the program's core courses and degree offerings.

Come join the fun!

Self-Portrait by Jorangeliz Bermudez-Martinez

                                                                                                                                                                                                VDA Major Jessie Darnell made this video about our major for a class project in Digital Storytelling.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Reharvesting Discarded Pallets to Make Frames for Art - Possibilities and Pitfalls

It seemed like the perfect sustainability art project: deconstruct a discarded wooden pallet, cut the boards and then make frames for student art work.  What could go wrong?  All was good until we found out from environmental engineer Ellen Moyer that the wood may be toxic!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

If You Need to be Reminded that People with Disabilities are People, We've got a Problem

"People First Language (PFL) is about respect and dignity, and it puts the person - not the condition – first. Like gender and ethnicity, disability is one of many characteristics of being human. People First Language is not political correctness, but good manners! Would you want to be known by one trait, like your medical diagnosis?"

We used the camera and took some photos and videos using the different camera movements. We also interviewed some students and they told us about their disability and what they like to do for fun. Students were very busy with finals, so it was difficult for us to record them. We had some issues with the sound of the fan in the background so we had to adjust the volume of the different interviews so they didn’t sound differently. We thought that doing a little introduction about the theme will help the viewer understand what this project is about. We took a video of the Corn Hole Tournament because it was the perfect time to record all of the students together. Editing this video was much faster and easier due to our knowledge after the midterm project.

Created by College Steps students Cameron Rousseau and Jordon McDonough along with their mentors Michaele Magistrali and Adrian Romero.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Need: Hooks for Hanging a Thin Painting. Solution: Fabricate with a 3D Printer

We had a thin painting to exhibit on the wall.  The canvas board was too thin to screw in hook eyes to attach mounting wire.

Visual and Digital Arts Major Margarita designed some hooks and then printed them on our  3D printers.