Sunday, November 22, 2020

Winter Art Show at American Int'l College: Express Yourself!, plus Virtual Art Museums Created by History of Art Students

¡Exprésate a ti mismo!            Express Yourself!                Izrazi e!

Update 3/15/21:  Professor Nordell's article Virtual Museums in Higher Education published in the Massachusetts Art Education Association News.  Click to view article and then scroll down to page 26.

Each semester we celebrate student artwork with an art show.  Teaching and learning in cyberspace led us to create a virtual museum.  Huge thanks to students Ashley Roberge and Riley Carey for their vital assistance with creating this virtual exhibition.  Riley designed and created the physical structure and then Ashley curated the the front half of the museum, setting a clean design tone.  Deep appreciation as well to our translators, Andjela Bublic (Serbian), Germary Osorio-Rivera (Spanish) and Sara Guntin Barreiro (Spanish).

Please click here to view the Express Yourself Art Show Museum.  (You might want to start by watching this tutorial video that demonstrates how to navigate a virtual museum). 

We have added an Interactive Corner to the Art Show Museum.  If you want us to post a comment on the museum wall or if you have an artwork to submit, please contact Professor Nordell:

Students in ART1000 History of Art created virtual museums with themes of personal interest.  For final projects, students added new wings to their museums.  The additions provided historical context for the original museum artworks and embodied elements of decolonization.

Ashley Roberge, Museum of Native America:

Riley Carey, Original Museum of Valor,  New Wing,

Shameka Bell, Museum of All Things Black,

Alyssa Anderson, Museum of Nature: Energy and Climate Crises

Stacy Gonzalez, Museo de Arte Hispanico,

Trevor Catlin Museum of Excellence (include's Trevor's images and those by fellow student Terrell Wallace),

Vanison Showell, Museum of Modern Superheroes and their Greek Counterparts:

Patrycja Szot, Museum of the Art of Environmental Damage,

Regine Winifred, Museum of the Most Unprotected People in America: Black Women,

Esther Aquino, Museum of Meraki (includes some of Esther's paintings),

Dora Butkovic, Museum of the Universe,

Brandon Calhoun, Museum of Asia and The Middle East,

Michael Acevedo, Museum of 20th Century Black & White Photography,

Alyssa Anderson, Museum of Nature: Energy and Climate Crises

Kyndra Cole, Museum of Black Art and Graffiti, 

Sara Guntin Barreiro, The Spanish Museum,

David Lopez, Museum of Puerto Rican Art,

Selena Pereira , Museum of Color,

Kyle Reardon, Museum of Renaissance Art,

Michal Stinil, Museum of the Iron Age,

Jennifer Tavares Rodrigues, Museum of American History from Different Perspectives,

Iris Villodas, Museum of Feeling Open and Free

Terrell Wallace, The Museum of African American Culture,

Thayra Quinones Martinez, The Goddess Museum,

Michal Kays, Museum of Golf and Sport Art,

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