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Student-athletes at American International College live multilayered and creative lives.  Balancing school, sports and other responsibilities is not for everyone! We showcase here the deep ideas and creative work of AIC student-athletes, whether their majors are in the Division of Arts, Media, and Design or they enroll in arts related General Education courses.

Below are excerpts from the student essays. Click each title for full text and images. Assistant Professor John Nordell's photographs illustrate some of the posts.


Art and Basketball plus a Manifesto: The Unavoidable Assertion of Art - By Graphic Arts and Design Major Rhay Porter

Rhay snags a rebound as her artwork Dr. Van Gogh looks on.

From Rhay's Manifesto:  "The universe will reward those courageous enough to do what they love. If what you love is painting, then you shall do it with the fluffiest blush as your sword. If what you love is writing lyrics as a musician, then you shall do it with the boldest of scriptures. The connection between artists and non are too similar to continue to discriminate. If what you love is to save lives as a doctor, then you shall save the blood of the mightiest soldier. But do not do so without the strength of your creative mind beside you. If what you love is to defend a client in court as a lawyer, then remember what inspired your solution suddenly. We pave the way for so many, and never gain the appreciation, when all we thrive for is connection. We demand to be seen."

Team Captain Jayden Renehan on Rugby Warriors and Samurai Codes

“In the collision of two worlds, the unyielding spirit of a rugby warrior meets the disciplined elegance of a samurai's code. Both embody strength, resilience, and a commitment to honor, whether on the fierce rugby field battlefield or in the serene dojo of ancient Japan. Different arenas, same essence: the relentless pursuit of excellence and the unwavering courage to face challenges head-on.”

Jayden on the move!

A Defensive End and a Linebacker Share Insights About Connections Between Playing Football and Creating Images

Defensive End Trevor Catlin wrote, "Creating images and being a football player definitely have some connections. The connections aren’t physically, but definitely mentally. In football, I have to think of what I have to do to get the job done. I have to adjust to how the other team plays. I have to think of what moves I’m going to use to win in pass rush. I have to learn the new plays and execute them. If not, we start the play all over in practice. Therefore, there is a lot of trial and error in football, especially during the preparation for the game. Creating images is also a good example of trial and error. I have to adjust to the weather. A sunny day can be best window light portraits, freeze motion pictures, etc. I have to adjust the settings in order to get the perfect picture for the assignment. The trial and error can come with thinking of the perfect picture too. You can take a picture and may not like it, or it can be the perfect picture. Football and creating images are very similar in preparation."

Psychology Major Annekkia Ritter-Truxal Connects the Rugby Pitch and the Art Room

"When we first walked on, we all came from different backgrounds with different stories, but the one thing bringing us together was the love for rugby. Our connection is so loud and vibrates that it breaks down the so-called bars of differences among us all. Rugby is a game of camaraderie, team building, and culture. As a team, we grow off of each other and learn to overcome different battles as one. I will forever cherish the connections within my team, and we will always break the barriers among our differences."

View From the Mound: How Baseball and Art are Connected

American International College Liberal Studies Major and Baseball Pitcher James "Jay" Chiappetta created a virtual museum showcasing Surrealism for History of Art. He wrote: "Risk taking is very common when it comes to creating art. It is also very common in the sport of baseball. I am a pitcher and when I decide to throw either my fastball, curveball, or changeup there is a risk that each pitch will get hit. I have to decide based on the batter what pitch I think will be most effective."

My Creative Experience at AIC - A Refection by Occupational Therapy Student Grace Beaupre

"I developed my take on perspective in creativity during my History of Photojournalism course. This was when I learned how impactful it is to convey a message through perspective. I created a project on climate change and its effect on increasingly destructive natural disasters. My goal was to embody the duality of before and after, two different perspectives combined to create a significant truth. This is when I saw the value of creating through perspective."

Climate Change - Before and After by Grace Beaupre (Click on image to enlarge.)

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