Sunday, May 19, 2024

Digital Photography 2 Students Respond to the Prompt "Cities" and Submit Their Results to F-Stop Magazine

Striving for an authentic real-world publishing experience Digital Photography 2 students submitted images to F-Stop Magazine's group exhibition on the theme of "Cities". As it turned out, none of the student submissions were accepted for the exhibition. Not accepted for a juried exhibition... now that is a real-world experience! Several of these same students later persevered and their creations were accepted and exhibited at an area gallery.

Worcester by Amelia Rodriguez

During one class period, Professor Nordell picked up the students in a van and they headed to downtown Springfield.

Motor Man by Grace Boisvert

Michael Mendez in Action by Professor Nordell

Single by Rhay Porter

Professor Nordell Consults with Isaiah Darden by Rhay Porter

Barbershop by Dahvey Hicks

Kyana Andrews at Work by Professor Nordell

Street Side by Isaiah Darden

Just a Break by Madeline Jackson

Restaurant (Flights) by Brianna Westberry

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