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New York Gallery Digital Director and Artist Sofia Love Connects with History of Art Students at AIC

Sofia Love is the Digital Director for Sargent's Daughters Gallery in New York/Los Angeles. A year after graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2022 she had her debut solo exhibition at the Shelter Gallery in New York.  test

In advance of her Zoom visit to class, Professor Nordell assigned his History of Art students to formulate questions to ask Sofia.  

"I love teaching General Education courses," says Professor Nordell, "because you have students from all across campus with different majors and perspectives."

We hope you enjoy the variety of questions as well as the diverse takeaways students gained from class with Sofia. Her Instagram.

Website bio: Sofia Love (b. 1999, Boston, MA) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer tackling themes of identity, perception, queer expression, and cultural aestheticism. Born and raised in Boston, but with deep family ties to the Mexican community of Laredo, TX, Love’s acrylic paintings serve as a negotiation between ancestral memory and contemporary identity. The cowgirl recurs throughout her work – gun slinging, brown, and frequently nude – framed by expanses of desert. She’s a real, historical cowgirl. She’s the artist traversing her own imagination. For Love, the vaquera is an object of desire and an extension of herself.

"Do you ever feel like you undervalue any of your artwork? How does it make you feel and do you make changes to the prices, if so?"  - Amari Jones, Criminal Justice Major 

"I saw that you work as a Digital Director at a gallery in New York.  I was wondering what that position entails?"  - Dario Beljo, General Business Major

"Being a younger artist, what are your thoughts on AI generated art?  Do you consider it art? Or do you consider it something of not as much as value as something an actual person made?  - Damon Asencio, Undeclared

Each student reflected on what they learned from class with Sofia.

"One thing I learned was how to price artwork and how much art really goes for." - Bella Capua, Educational Studies Major

"I sketch all the time but using colored pencils is a good idea and I will try it." - Kyana Andrews, Visual and Digital Arts Major

"One idea I learned is that it matters to the artist who and for what reason their art is purchased."  - Damon Asencio, Undeclared

"I use Pinterest a lot in my daily life. I don't know why it didn't cross my mind to use it when doing an art assignment. I'll be using Pinterest for inspiration more often now." - Christian Torres, Visual and Digital Arts Major

"An artwork’s value comes from the artist’s career and the dimensions of the art."  - Mateo Castro, Undeclared

"I learned that you should always have confidence in your ability to produce."  - Chase Pham, Visual and Digital Arts Major

"It was very interesting to learn about the role of a Digital Director and what that position entails." - Dario Beljo, General Business Major

"Seeing that most of my questions and interest were based on the value of art, one thing I learned from Sofia is to always take pride in your work and never let anything tell you otherwise when it comes to your work." - Amari Jones, Criminal Justice Major 

"I learned how she's more than just an artist. She does many other things as well."  - Marquis Lundy, Athletic Administration and Leadership Major

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