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Look what Digital Photo 2 Students Chose to Create for their Final Projects: 3D Photography, Generative AI, Studio Fashion Photography and Surrealism

To foster student engagement, Professor Nordell offers choice to students for their projects.  All Digital Photography 2 students completed Project A, the first part of their semester's end projects.  Please enjoy the results of their Project B choices. Click an image to enlarge it.

Project B: Student Choice - Choose one of the options:

Option 1: Based on your end of semester reflection, identify what you further want to learn about photography. It could relate to using the camera, lighting, Photoshop techniques, etc. After you clearly identify what you want to learn, create a plan to acquire this new knowledge. The plan may involve researching on the web, experimentation, engaging in tutorials and asking Professor Nordell and/or classmates for guidance. Engage in the creative process and produce photographs that exhibit your newly acquired knowledge.

Dahvey "Scooby" Hicks uses a 3D scanner to capture Grace Dervan's likeness. 

We experimented with different settings on a 3D printer to print versions of Scooby's scan of Grace. 

Scooby reflected on the process: "I had a really good experience using the 3D print scanner. It wasn't a long process, but it was harder than it looked, in my opinion. The hardest part was trying to keep the scanner on the object, and you had to look at the computer screen. Scanning a human took a little more patience because the person would have to move, and sometimes the scan would go over the same spot twice and mess up the scan. Ultimately, I am glad I got the opportunity to use the 3D scanner and printer. I would love to learn more about it."

Option 2: Create a Multi-layered, Multiple Image Project that Displays the Photoshop Skills that you have Mastered this Semester. Assemble a minimum of 5 new images that you take using the tools we have studied: blending layers, making selections, masking, cropping individual images and using the clone stamp tool. You can explore any of the types of imagery we created this semester, such as Layered Self-Portraits, Photomontage or Surrealism. It can be one of these ideas, a combination of several or some new direction.

Grace Boisvert used studio lighting for fashion photography.

Option 3: Use alternate technologies. You could work with the studio strobe lights. You could work with a 3D Scanner to take 3D photographs and then print them using our 3D printer. I can make arrangements so that you could access Generative AI in Photoshop, so you could do a project that includes AI images.

A surrealistic rendering of AIC's campus by Isaiah Darden.

Madeline Jacyszn used Generative AI in Photoshop to add elements to her character portrait of classmate Rhaymi Porter.

Amelia Rodriguez captures a contemporary still life using the 3D scanner.

Amelia's scan of Iman Williams was 3D printed two different ways.  The details of Iman's hair and face are clearer on the left.

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